About Pat

Pat has lived in Saskatoon’s Ward 2 for many years.
She attended the University of Saskatchewan earning a Masters Degree in Psychology.  She was hired as the first psychologist at the Saskatoon Mental Health Centre, where she witnessed a lot of depression among women living in new neighbourhoods where no public amenities had been built into the city planning.  The women were alone.  There was no place to socialize.  Knowing that changes were needed, this sparked her interest in city issues, and she decided to run for public office to make a difference.

In her leisure time Pat enjoys spending time with her family, playing piano, cooking, sewing, studying languages, and observing nature.  She has run six full marathons and one half marathon.

Pat devotes her life to public service, fairness, and social justice.

  • Saskatoon Ward 2 City Councillor, 1979-1991 and 2006 to 2016
  • Former Executive Director of Wanuskewin Heritage Park
  • Former MLA, Saskatoon, 1991-2003
  • Past member of Saskatoon City Hospital Board and Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission
  • Founding member of Saskatoon’s Fringe Festival

On a daily basis, I witnessed Pat Lorje’s hard work and sheer dedication to improving the quality of life in Ward 2 and in Saskatoon as a whole.  If I lived in Ward 2 she would have my vote!

Brian Bentley

Fire Chief (retired)

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